Sohee Kim

Personal Trainer
Trainer Bio

Sohee started her journey with fitness during her high school years. She was overweight throughout
her entire childhood up until her final years as a teenager. As a young teenager, she felt that it was
necessary to do something about her health and she decided to make a change in her unhealthy
lifestyle. In 2009, she committed to being more active and making healthier food choices to achieve
her weight loss goals. Within four months, she lost a total of 25 KG. Other than becoming healthier,
her weight loss journey had actually opened her eyes about her athletic potentials. In her senior year
of high school, she achieved multiple awards by competing in inter-school cross country races.
Through college and up until today, she has won multiple road races in Hong Kong. Through her own
weight loss experience and passion for fitness, she has developed a genuine desire to inspire and
help others who want to live a healthier life. Sohee is a certified personal trainer through AASFP and
has various fitness certifications in TRX, Triggerpoint and RRCA. Her goal as a trainer is to help you
achieve your goals and guide you through the journey, knowing that the journey is not easy. Sohee’s
personal experience throughout her life have given her the necessary physical, mental, and
emotional skills to make sure you can also achieve your dreams just as she has.

Personal Training